Five countries. One aim.
Integration on the Ground

The reasons to leave the homeland may differ. What counts is what we make of it.
Cultural diversity is not an invention, nor an innovation. But it is a natural phenomenon. The question is how we are going to handle our common daily lives in order to take advantage for everyone, in order to live in harmony.

The ‘INTEGRO’-Project is about to explore the political, social, economic, cultural inclusion and participation of third country nationals in the Project Partner Countries.

To express your interest in the project or to learn more, please contact office@integro-project.org.

Final Policy Conference Video and Photos

Concluding remarks by Patrick Yu - NICEM

I would like to start my closing remarks by telling you a true story of Chinese in early 19th century during the Gold Rush in California. They were hard working and became successful to have their life which built up the tension between the Chinese and the unsuccessful American. As result Chinese were bar from the gold mining. Then they branched out in agriculture and built the U.S. railway. The same happen when they could earn a living successfully.

SIMI - Overview of services and institutions in Prague 3 (not only) for foreigners - a useful map

The Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI) has prepared a useful map of institutions operating in Prague 3 that could be helpful also to migrants who often are not aware of their existence.

The map was created in relation to our new Intercultural Services introduced within the project INTEGRO - With neighbours from elsewhere.

INTEGRO Final Conference - 27-28 May Nicosia, Zyprus

On 27 and 28 of May 2015, at the Holiday Inn, Nicosia, was held the final conference of INTEGRO.

The Conference aimed to ensure dissemination of the project results, both locally and EU wide, to all stakeholders involved in the integration process.

FORUM INTEGRO - TV Show/ debate

RA TV will broadcast and bring up the debate of three cases. By showing the story and inviting experts (also recruited among our stakeholders’ network) RATV Team will discuss the issue, raise awareness and will try to bring up solutions. The team wants to empower Third Country Nationals and show ways of what to do and what kind of support they can get. RATV is also aiming to raise awareness of a securely established clearing service in the future. 

When: Tuesday, 19. May 2015

Where: Presseconcordia - Bankgasse 8 A-1010 Vienna

Press Release: NICEM North West highlight employment barriers through INTEGRO project

17 February 2015


‘NICEM North West highlight employment barriers through INTEGRO project’

The Deputy Mayor Alderman Gary Middleton will open the first of three family-friendly roadshow events that will take place across Northern Ireland at St Columb’s Park House in Derry on Saturday 21st February.

NICEM implement INTEGRO pilot project across Northern Ireland during February and March 2015

NICEM have a wide-ranging programme of events that focus on employment as a barrier to integration for Third Country (Non-EU) Nationals planned during February and March 2015. These events are open to all statutory, community and voluntary orgs as well as local government, migrant and local communities – particularly non-EU nationals.  

Children’s activities and creche are available from 10am at some events (contact us for info) and all events will end with a hot lunch for registered attendees.

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